Puspitosari Wedding Package

Puspitosari Wedding Package
Price: IDR 25,000,000 nett
Quantity: 400 pax

  • Reception room at Pendopo Condro Kirono
  • Retno Palupi bridal couple room
  • Garden decoration
  • Tables for guest recipients and 2 guest books
  • Buffet and huts food presentation
  • 150 chairs (including the arrangement)
  • Wedding decoration and MC (Javanese or Indonesian language)
  • Sound System
  • Photo documentation and 1 photo album
  • Bungalow of bridal couple
  • A basket of fruits
  • Breakfast service
  • Large and safe parking area

Buffet menu:

  • Mushroom, chicken soup/chicken soto/ roulade soup
  • Steamed rice
  • Crispy chicken/ketchup grilled chicken/red sauce chicken
  • Chicken galantine/sweet-sour sauce chicken/ meat rendang
  • Cap cay ca/ papaya leaf roll/mixed fresh vegetables with grated coconut sauce
  • Fried tofu and meat ball/ tofu with ketchup sauce
  • Crackers and chilly
  • Various salad and dessert
  • Pudding/mixed fruits
  • Ice cream
  • Soft drink
  • Mineral water

Additional guest: IDR 30,000 per pax

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