Meeting Rooms of Hotel Brongto, Jogja - Yogyakarta

Brongto hotel has 6 meeting rooms with different sizes and capacities. All of the meeting rooms in Brongto hotel are of strong Javanese nuance that you will never find in other hotels. With many rooms decorated with Javanese carving and are designed smoothly it is expected to build more friendly atmosphere among the meeting participants so that the objective of the meeting will be achieved.

All rooms are equipped with OHP, sound system, meeting kit, and Air Conditioner; can be used for seminar, business meeting, and other important events.

Candra KiranaPendopo Candra Kirana
This hall is in the form of Javanese tradition structure, namely joglo, very spacious without any partition. This hall used to be utilized to welcome guests or to hold grand ceremonies. The originality of this hall is well maintained.

For a wedding party, Candra Kirana Hall accommodates 200 to 300 guests. For standing party, this will accommodate 500 to 700 people. This hall can also be utilized for exhibition or other special events.

Puspito Kencono"Puspito Kencono" Room
This room accommodates 130 - 200 people.
It is located at the east of Pendopo Candra Kriana.

Retno Palupi"Retno Palupi" Room
This room accommodates 40 -80 people.
This room is located behind Candra Kirana Hall. In the past, this room was called "senthong tengah" or the middle room.

"Puspito Retno" Room
This room accommodates 35 - 50 people.
It is located at the east of the swimming pool.

"Puspito Sari" Room
This room accommodates 15 - 30 people.
It is located at the south of the restaurant.